Making my home a gym

I am currently saving for an elliptical, and sadly, I don’t have unlimited space.

My husband as well as I were eager to move our family out of the city. We wanted to supply our kids a giant lawn to play in as well as a better school system. We looked forward to less noise as well as greater privacy as well as safety. We easily love our current house as well as the benefits of a more country environment. However, there are some downsides to leaving the city. We are no longer within walking distance of a variety of restaurants, Tim Hortons Cappuccino shops, boutique stores, bars as well as movie stores. Every type of amenity as well as shopping is a considerable drive. I felt it necessary to give up our gym membership. I don’t have time to make that drive. Because of this, I needed to set up a home gym. When I looked into buying equipment, I was shocked by the cost. Even a set of free weights is a considerable investment. There was no way I could outfit our apartment gym with the machines as well as gear available at a commercial gym. I’ve slowly as well as quickly added to our inventory. I started with some basics. I purchased an incline bench, a few free weights, tough bands, yoga mat as well as jump rope. I asked for a mini trampoline for Mother’s Day as well as was ecstatic to get a treadmill for Christmas. I am currently saving for an elliptical, and sadly, I don’t have unlimited space. I am limited in how many devices I can have. Whenever the weather cooperates, I head outside for a run, bike ride or to swim laps in the pool for something different. While I am ecstatic about the move, I miss our gym membership.



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