My brother is living a irritated life and it’s worried to see

For a long while, my brother has been trying to preserve his facade of a cheerful marriage.

I suppose most of us in the family were able to see how irritated he was. His wifey was always telling him what to do, what he could and couldn’t do, and was bossy and mean in general. On top of that, she unquestionably cheated on him when he was away at work. I mean, he’s a truck driver so it makes sense that his wifey would be lonely, however you still don’t do that to somebody! I always thought his profession was awesome and you think the people I was with and I rely on truck drivers to get our supplies throughout the country. All of us would not be able to function without truck drivers. I remember my brother taking me for a drive in the truck once and it was awesome. I loved how nice the temperature control plan was. He allowed me to adjust the temperature control settings how I wanted. I had the AC ice-cold on a blazing sizzling afternoon. All of us also went to get some food together and this was the time when he told me about the misery his wifey was putting him through, and unfortunately, he didn’t want me to say anything to anybody about his situation, so I kept my mouth shut. I tried to convince him to just go for a divorce, however he couldn’t do it. Eventually they had a child together and that made things more complicated. In the end though, she cheated again or at least he caught her again, and they finally went through the divorce process. He ended up getting custody of his son which was great, however he’s still irritated these afternoons. I almost wonder if he would have been happier being still married even though his wifey was messing around.

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