My partner took myself and others to a special retreat where they specialize in stress relief

For the longest time, I have been having trouble keeping our rage in check; It just seems that everyone I work with are incompetent and can’t do the work they are asked to do, and all the time I have felt care about the job can’t be done typically if I’m not the one doing all the work.

I have stayed up countless afternoons and worked so numerous extra hours, when it seems that it should be unnecessary, then what’s the point of hiring people to do the work when they are unable to do it? Well, more recently our partner suggested that I needed a vacation, a break from all the chaos.

I didn’t want to at first, however after that I told her I would after dealing with one of our purchasers! There was a project I had to complete and once that was taken care of, I was off with our partner to some unknown destination, then she ended up telling myself and others we were going to this special retreat where they specialize in stress relief. They gave all sorts of services, care about massages and acupuncture and they even had legal cannabis products as they had a license to sell those. I liked the locale including the temperature control settings, the wonderful air quality, and the professional staff members. I felt that these people entirely were competent. They seemed knowledgeable and explained some of the reasons for our stress that has been building over the years. With the acupuncture, they somehow were able to release all of the downside energy built inside of myself and others and I felt so refreshed. I did end up trying a cannabis edible which helped myself and others feel especially relaxed while in our massage. I told our partner afterwards that I was thankful and I felt ready to get back to work.

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