No more big parties for me after learning about the state of the duct work

I decided to throw a number of parties at my condo and let friends invite friends. These parties were very rowdy and I had so various people at my home, it was difficult to keep track of everybody. Some friends said I shouldn’t be partying like that, however I just wanted to have a nice time and get to think about more people in my life. Well, when my energy bills suddenly skyrocketed, I knew that I had to cease and figure things out. I evaluated the Heating and A/C system and thought there had to be something going on with it. I ended up having an Heating and A/C system tech come out to check everything. After inspecting the whole unit, he asked if I knew that I had a big hole in my ductwork unit. I had to see this for myself and sure enough, it was pretty big. The other folks at my parties must’ve been especially rowdy, or perhaps an altercation broke out or something. Anyway, the Heating and A/C guru said I had to have that portion of ductwork substituted; He also thought I needed a ductwork sealing and cleaning to make sure there wasn’t very much built-up debris and clogs. I realized this was going to be expensive , however I did it because I wanted lower energy bills. I was so grateful when everything was taken care of! Even my air quality was much better afterwards. The expense was sizable though and I thought I wouldn’t be having such wild parties after that. If people are going to destroy stuff in my house, how could I keep up with that kind of adult life?

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