Starting to warm up

The weather changes a lot from morning to morning.

The last couple months, the temperature has been wonderfully temperate.

The evenings were a bit cold as well as the mornings sunny as well as pleasant. Because I work from home, I can schedule our workout at any time. I like to accomplish a few hours of work, then take a break around 12. I devote an hour to exercise, shower, eat a meal as well as go back to work. I use the lanai that is built across the back of the house as our gym area. The space is wonderful. There is a smooth brick floor, ten-foot ceilings as well as plenty of square footage. The entire back wall is mainly screens that allow in fresh air. Most of the time, I appreciate the fresh air. It helps to avoid the odor of sweat as well as gets me energized. I can normally work out in shorts as well as a tank. In the middle of winter, I often need to switch to sweatpants as well as a jacket. It is the first week in May and all of sudden, the temperature is much higher, as well as the air feels sticky. I waited too late in the morning for our workout. By 12, the lanai was so hot, muggy as well as unpleasant. I grabbed a box fan as well as stood directly in front of it. The cool air helped a little, although I was drenched in sweat by the end of the workout. I struggled to get motivated. I forced myself to jump rope, lift weights as well as complete ab exercises on the incline bench. I need to make an effort to get up earlier as well as complete our exercise sessions before the heat of the morning sets in.



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