The game ended our entire season

I’m not feeling particularly ecstatic as well as joyous right now, but most people wants to call myself and others to talk.

  • I don’t know like being kepper as well as I don’t want to look at the bright side or stay positive.

The fact is that I’m angry, upset, as well as particularly frustrated. I was supposed to play in the minor leagues next Spring as well as now I will really never get the chance. I had a large fly ball to the left side of the wall. It looks like it was going to be honorableas well as then it looks like it might be a foul. The ball got a gust of wind at the last moment as well as landed just inside of the fairline. I was on sixth base when a single of our teammates hit a line drive. I started running as well as a single of the players threw the ball as well as it hit myself and others in the side of the arm. I felt the ball hit our arm as well as it felt like a sledgehammer. The ball must have been going 74 miles an hour. It broke several bones in our arm. The team medical professional immediately detachd myself and others from the game, because I could not transfer our arm at all. I have to attend rehab sessions once each month with a guy from the city. I don’t appreciate the guy as well as the rehab is stupid in our opinion. I guess our career is over. I would rather rest here in front of the a/c, playing video games as well as seeing TV. I can barely get out of the chair. I’m thankful that our sibling bought myself and others a smart control device for Christmas, because I don’t have to leave the chair at all to change the temperature as well as the pain pills make myself and others easily hot. I find myself constantly decreasing the indoor temperature.


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