The weather during fall is probably my favorite

My favorite time of the year has to be the middle of fall.

  • I absolutely love the spring and summer.

When the flowers are blooming and the temperatures are warm and inviting, I could spend all day outside in the sun. It’s still not my favorite time of the year though. My favorite time of the year is Fall due to the temperatures outside. It’s around 70 degrees during the fall and that is probably my favorite weather. I think that it is hot enough to still go swimming and enjoy outdoor activities. It is cool enough to actually enjoy these outdoor activities without air conditioning. That’s a pretty big deal around here, because Summer is difficult to bear without air conditioning. 99% of the homes in this area have central air conditioning. 20% of the homes do not have heat at all, but 99% of homes have Central AC. It is quite easy to see how very important it is to have this luxury or necessity. I decided to make some upgrades to my heating and air conditioning system a couple of years ago. One of the biggest changes that I made was adding dampers to the upstairs area. I felt the dampers were important, because they allow me to change the direction of the air flow. When I change the direction of the airflow, I can put more or less AC in parts of the house where I live. I’m a single person in a bi-level house with 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. There really is no need for me to heat and cool the entire space. I save money by using the dampers.

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