Trying to get her healthy

My wife always complains about not feeling too hot.

She works totally online as well as is at her desk from 8-6 each day.

She complains about having a sore back, hurt neck as well as injured shoulders. I have told her the fix. She needs to stretch as well as transport around throughout her day. After work I have said it is necessary to do a short workout. She needs to get her heart pumping with just 20 minutes of cardio. Instead she plays video games or reads. My wife seems to suppose the meals I cook her are causing stomach complications. I make salmon, chicken, eggs or rice just about every evening. I use a little oil, butter as well as cheese in our dishes as well. I feel totally great as well as healthy. My wife always feels tired as well as kind of sick. I have told him that if she worked out, she wouldn’t have the health complications she does. My wife is also quick to snack while in the morning or late at evening. She thinks our salmon dinner makes her belly upset as well as not that she ate an entire bin of potato chips at 11. I don’t know what to do. I have told him that our local gym offers personal training as well as nutritional counseling. She has the fix right at her fingertips. I suppose she would rather just complain to me instead. I get upset with it. I am in fantastic shape as well as able to do whatever I want physically. She can’t service up the house, go on physical trips or even walk to endpoints because of how she treats her body.


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