Buying a Radiant Heater for Our Garage

I like to work on cars during the winter because it gets dark early and when I get home from work there is not much to do around here except go to bars.

So keeping busy working on cars keeps me out of the bars and out of trouble.

The only problem I have is that the garage gets really cold in the winter and it makes it hard for me to work on the cars when my hands are so cold. So today I am going to order a forced air convection radiant heater and install it in the ceiling and direct it towards the area where I work on the cars. I’ve researched the different brands and found one that is really good at heating the room up quickly. I think the portable space heater costs about $600 but it is really efficient and should only use a small amount of power to heat up my garage. I want to restore this old 1969 Firebird I bought last year for a few hundred bucks and give it to my nephew for a birthday present. I want to get the air conditioning working again in it so he stays cool next summer while he drives to his job. He has always liked that year of Firebird and I am going to make this car perfect for him because he has been such a great nephew to me. He helped me work on my central heating unit in the middle of the winter when I really needed a helping hand and I wanted to pay him back for the help.