Stye is Better, Now it is HVAC Repair Time

Today I am piddling around the house working on stuff.

I like days like this where I am not battling the traffic heading to the office. I actually work part time at the local business stocking the shelves with smart thermostats and such. Today though, I will be working around the house finishing up painting and fixing the HVAC system. We had a small leak and I need to fix it and then charge the system. I think the leak is in one of the connections so I need to go to the local contractor supply store to get the proper parts and then I will get it done. I also have about three or four hours of painting left to do and then the whole outside of the house is painted finally. I am going to look at the heat pump while I am working on the AC unit because I noticed last winter that the heat was not as warm as it used to be and I think the heat pump is starting to fail. It is quite old and I bet it is just worn out and needs to be replaced. If that is the case, I am going to have to order one online because our HVAC system is very old and the local business which sells heat pumps doesn’t have our model in stock. I think I can get it delivered to me in two days if I order it soon so I need to get going on that also. Lots to do on my day off work!



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