Today I am Getting Into Cleaning out the Fireplace

So my day is going to be spent cleaning my fireplace because it has been a long time since doing so and there is a lot of carbon buildup from all of the fire we’ve had in it over the past year. I don’t think I have cleaned it since last winter so I am sure it is going to be really dirty once I get into it. I need to take apart the flue and clean the inside of it because it can cause a fire if there is too much creosote buildup in it, such as the time we had a fire near the roof at the top of the flue pipe stack. We had to call the fire department and get them out to put out the fire before it burned down the house. So now, I am going to avoid all of that and clean the whole thing out from top to bottom. It will probably take me two days to clean the fireplace and flue but when it is done I will be set for another winter. We don’t use the central heater in the winters because the fireplace is much cheaper to operate as we have a whole forest of trees in our backyard for fuel. I am always planting new trees in place of the ones we use for burning so we aren’t destroying the forest. I have an electric heater that is quite old and inefficient to run so it just makes sense to use the fireplace. It is also good for me because chopping wood is great exercise.

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