Tuesday Morning and The House is Finished

I have a free day today to do whatever I want, which is a nice feeling considering I’ve been painting each day for the last three weeks.

I finally finished my cousin’s exterior paint job after three weeks and didn’t get any paint on the HVAC compressor outside, thank God.

I just need to put the house numbers on the front above the garage and clean up the rear porch floor of the paint chips and then I am totally finished. I had to paint three coats of paint on the house to cover the dark green color that was on there before. Today I will rest and tomorrow I will clean her HVAC system from top to bottom, starting with the air handler and working my way up to the ductwork in the attic. I can take my time cleaning it because the weather is very mild and we haven’t been running any climate control in the house lately. We have about a month till the hot weather comes so I have plenty of time to get it cleaned. My cousin thinks the heat pump is bad in the HVAC system because it wasn’t heating the house up very well last winter so I will need to test it to see if she is right. I am going to rest today though because my body is sore from all of the painting I’ve done on the exterior. I think I will go down to the local business which sells Biofreeze gel and get some today for my sore joints.
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