I became certified as an HVAC expert, a plumber, and an electrician

I was pretty excited when I learned I would be working at an HVAC company that had plumbing and electrical services as well. The man who trained me was actually certified in these trades and was an HVAC expert as well. He taught me about the HVAC side and how to install numerous types of systems like dual-fuel heating systems or hydronic heating systems. I learned a lot from the man in a short period of time. Eventually, he told me that I should get my other certifications so he could train me in those areas as well. I was surprised when he said the owner of the HVAC company would pay for me to take the classes to become certified with his recommendation. So before I knew it, I was taking classes to be an electrician and also a plumber. It’s not something that I ever planned on, but I learned a lot and the knowledge had remained with me. Let me just say that my trainer was above and beyond. This man in my opinion should be the most respected in the company and I hope he continues to work with us for a long while. The thing is, he’s getting up there in his years and while I might dream of him working here forever, I know that eventually he’s going to retire and it will likely be sooner than later. He told me that with all the knowledge I acquired, I should be the top trainer in no time. I guess he was looking for a replacement.


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