My wife has always been a practical woman

My wife has always been practical since the day that I met her.

It seemed like there was no issue that she couldn’t solve by some kind of simple means.

Whenever her truck would break down, she was able to get out, grab her tools and fix the engine! She even was able to fix the cooling system when that quit working, and she did that by adding refrigerant to the AC compressor. I never even knew how to do that until she taught me. This one time when we went out during the winter for a walk around the frozen lake, she asked me if I could grab her heating inserts from the glove compartment. I was shocked that she had such a thing as heating inserts for her jacket. I wondered why she wasn’t wearing such a heavy winter coat like me. She explained that she doesn’t like having to wear a bulky winter coat while she is driving around. She said it’s much easier to just use the heating system in the truck, and then use the heating inserts in her jacket to keep perfectly toasty while hanging out in the frosty weather. It didn’t take me long to realize that I was in love with this woman, she was so smart and she helped me to become a better person. She’s actually the one who pushed me to follow my heart with finding a career. I thought I wanted to be an HVAC professional, but I wasn’t certain if I would be good at it, but she convinced me that I could. Now, we’re married with children, we have a beautiful home in the country, and I’m a successful HVAC expert. We’re actually planning on making it a family business too and my wife already helped out so much with everything.

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