The heating guy fixed it for free

He’s an air conditioning guy in our neighborhood and might just be one of the nicest guys around.

He will often go around and fix people’s Heating and cooling this is for free and this is one of the nicest things he can do because there are a lot of people in our area so we cannot afford regular HVAC service.

Why he does what he does he gave us two reasons, and the first one is he simply loves preparing heating and cooling systems and the second is that he does not believe that any person should have to go without the luxury of heating and cooling. This is why he will go and fix people’s heating and air conditioning for free. He even came over to my house one day and asked me if I needed any Heating and a/c tune-ups, but I didn’t need any because I had just had my heating and air conditioning unit service the other day by the local HVAC company. At one point when he went down our entire Street and just everyone’s heating and cooling systems. Many of them weren’t broken but could have used upgrades and services and now thanks to him they all had that. As you might imagine, the local heating AC businesses weren’t too happy with what he was doing because they were losing business but the customers loved it, they were getting great quality service for free and it’s all because somebody didn’t want to see anybody else go without Heating and cooling and I thought that was a wonderful thing.


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