Why I left my heating unit running at home

My furnace caught on fire, although I have no idea why! I am so exasperated that my furnace caught on fire.

I have never even heard of something like that.

I was not home when this happened, when I usually leave on vacation, I make sure that the furnace is running to keep my home warm, although I will not set the temperature control to the same temperature that I usually keep the home at, I set it to a lower temperature. Keeping your gas furnace running while you are gone is a wonderful way to ensure that your home is safe from the freezing weather. While extreme things are not likely to happen in only the span of a week, your water pipes are especially susceptible to problems without heat. You would hate to be gone on vacation during the wintertime just to find out that your water pipes were frozen when you got back. Your gas furnace can ensure that this does not happen, but something worse than frozen pipes happened this time while gone. The gas furnace was running, but some parts within the gas furnace malfunctioned in a way that I did not know was possible. I had the gas furnace inspected recently, and the heating and A/C serviceman did not warn me about any potential complications with the furnace. Once the spark ignited inside the furnace, it was only a matter of time because something else caught on fire, and the gas furnace burnt my home to the ground. Imagine coming home to rubble. Thankfully, my home was insured, although I still lost a lot of things that cannot be replaced.

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