A rodent in the a/c unit

Me and my friend Layla opened up a small bakery downtown a few years ago. I take care of the baking and Layla takes care of the business aspect of our little confectionery shop. I love Layla, but we are quite different from each other. For example, there are certain things that she is completely terrified of that do not bother me at all. I always have to be the one to take care of any kind of pest control in our shop, because she is terrified of bugs and rodents. There was a time she moved into my house because she claimed there was a rodent in her air conditioner unit. Even after the air conditioning system man assured her that the HVAC unit had a mechanical issue that was causing the squeaking noise, she was not satisfied. Layla decided to call a different a/c business. The a/c expert made inquiries about the strange things Layla had noticed, saying she needed a/c repair. It was then that she realized that the noise had indeed stopped, after maintenance had been done. In truth, there were no rodents lurking in the a/c ducts, and her HVAC system was actually very well maintained. Some years back, when Layla was looking for the best cooling device for her home, she enlisted my help, because she tends to be very indecisive about major decisions, so I helped her decide on a good HVAC system. I suggested that we get professional help, and the HVAC technician ended up suggesting that she get zone-controlled heating and air.
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