A rodent in the air conditioner system

I was cleaning the flour from my hands when I noticed Kim. She was helping me close down our bakery, as I had just completed my orders for the day. Kim is my best friend, but we are quite different. Kim would not understand what to do with an oven, even with a basic recipe. I love baking so much that I turned it into a side hustle. Recently, Kim moved into my home because she claimed there was a mouse in her air conditioner unit. Even after the a/c rep assured her that the air conditioner had a compressor issue and that is why it was producing the weird noise, she did not believe it. Kim went ahead and called a different air conditioner business, hoping for a more validating opinion. It is not surprising that the other air conditioning company said the same thing: she needed air conditioner repair. She finally relented and ended up scheduling a tune-up. Throughout this experience, I was trying so hard to stifle laughter. Kim had still insisted that the HVAC specialist take a look through the ductwork to see if he could find any pests in there, and he assured her that he did not. Some years back, when she was looking for the best cooling component for her home, she dragged me along to look at all the cooling products she was considering, and her indecisive nature did not help matters. At least she settled on a very good system in the end.

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