All of us built a sauna in our basement.

Whenever my partner and I go away on getaway, both of us make sure both of us get a hotel that offers a sauna.

One year, both of us got a suite that had a personal sauna in the bathroom.

I enjoyed being in that sauna. Whenever I got stressed, had sore muscles, or just wanted to get away, I sought ‌the sauna. My partner told myself and others that if she had known all I wanted was the sauna when both of us were on getaway, she would’ve built a single for me. Last week, she was doing some toil in the basement. I walked down and jokingly asked him if she was finally going to build my sauna? She told myself and others that if I won the sauna, both of us would either have to go on getaway, or I would need to go to the local gym. I was hoping she was kidding, however from the look on her face, I knew she wasn’t. She told myself and others she was trying to build a room around the gas furnace. She wanted the gas furnace to have its own room, and that way both of us could have the rest of the basement as a playroom for the kids. I thought this was a fantastic idea, however it wasn’t getting myself and others into my sauna. That weekend, I went to the spa for a weekend of relaxation and being pampered. My sister and I had a fantastic time, however both of us were both consistently wondering what our partners were getting into since they were home alone. Never in my life did I expect to get home and find that she was putting a sauna in our basement. My sister and I couldn’t wait to try it out.


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