An a/c appointment with a pastor

He settled on a very effective and efficient HVAC system, as I recall.

I had just finished a routine HVAC annual check-up, and was heading home when I got a phone call from my pastor. It had been a while since he had called me out of the blue. I had planned for the rest of this day after the appointment to be allocated to spend time with my wife and son for his birthday. We love our only son dearly, and we wanted to make this day special for him. Nevertheless, I ended up getting the aforementioned call from my pastor, which surprised me. He asked if I could check out his air conditioning system and check what needed fixing. He elaborated that there was no consistency in cooling throughout his house, which made him suspect something was wrong with the a/c unit. He knew I worked as a cooling specialist when he needed a brand new HVAC system installed for the church a few years ago. We helped him decide on the best cooling system for the church’s needs. The a/c expert he consulted helped him learn more about a/c to make an informed decision. He settled on a very effective and efficient HVAC system, as I recall. The church’s old HVAC system was practically ancient, and definitely needed replacement at that time. Anyway, concerning the current problem he was having with this home’s air conditioning system, I was only too happy to help him figure out what the problem was. However, the call was going to have to wait until tomorrow. I had a birthday to prepare for!

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