An air conditioner appointment with a pastor

I had just finished installing a smart thermostat in a nearby home which was all I was to do this Saturday. I had the rest of the afternoon off to celebrate my daughter’s birthday and catch up on family time. She is the latest addition to our family. We love to dote on her. On my way home, I got a phone call from my pastor, which startled me. He asked if I could check out his a/c and check if it needed repair. He further explained that certain rooms in his home were warmer than others, which made him suspect something was wrong with the air conditioner unit. He knew I worked as a cooling specialist because I was part of the crew that did the air conditioner installation in our church not so long ago. The pastor had some ideas about what kind of climate control system he was interested in, but he was having difficulty deciding. The air conditioner expert he consulted helped him learn more about his options to make an informed decision. He opted for a heat pump, which was best suited for the church. The existing HVAC system for the church at the time certainly was not sufficient and it needed to be replaced with something far more advanced. We also gave him the perfect air conditioner tune-up plan, including air conditioner filter replacements. The up-to-date cooling unit was installed to the delight of the church, as it worked great. Anyway, I had to tell my pastor that it would take until tomorrow for me to be available to help him with his current air conditioner problem.