I couldn't take my eyup off the personal trainer.

I was in the gym last week, and they told myself and others they had a current personal trainer.

I wanted to suppose if she was any good, and the trainer I was talking to told myself and others I would have to see for myself.

I had been working with Mike, who was a personal trainer for most people else, however a harasser to me, for the last more than one years. She and I built quite a friendship over the last more than one years, and she tells myself and others how I am doing everything wrong instead of being a personal trainer. I don’t even spend money him for lessons anymore. Last week, she told myself and others about the current personal trainer they had hired, and I was still waiting to see who it was. A good young lady walked into the gym shortly after that conversation. I couldn’t take my eyup off her. There was something about her that held my attention, and I did not want to look away. I observed ‌Mike was motioning her over to where both of us were. She introduced her as Lindsay, but I absolutely wasn’t listening to the name. When I caught the words current personal trainer, I turned to look at him and then back at Lindsay. She reached out her hand to shake, which I refused because mine was hot. I had never felt this concerned around a lady before! Before I realized what Mike was telling her, she slapped myself and others on the back and told myself and others to care about my current personal trainer. If she hadn’t taken off to the other side of the gym, I unquestionably would have slapped him upside the head for not telling myself and others what she was up to.


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