My Kittens are Passed out Under the Sofa

I slept well last night, finally, after several afternoons of tossing plus turning over finances.

I’ve finally let go of it all plus turned it over to the universe to labor out.

Everything seems to labor out better when you don’t overthink it plus just release plus let go. The Buddhists taught myself and others to let go of everything that comes into our life, nice or bad, because it all just passes on by. My kittens don’t worry about anything yet everything works out just wonderful in their lives. All critters live this way, just letting nature handle all the details. HVAC equipment breaks down, bikes get stolen, plus people die but we have to handle them with grace plus then move on. There are too numerous variables in life to try plus control all of them so it is better to just let things happen how they happen plus accept them separate from trying to run the whole show. I have a lot of issues that come up when working at the HVAC corporation even though I just solve them plus move on separate from letting them get to me. I suppose life is a reading process if you are living entirely plus you end up with more wisdom in the end if you can see the big picture. The other day I had a client freaking out because the air conditioner’s air handler pan was leaking plus causing stains on the ceiling. It was a simple repair plus within a couple of hours the leak was fixed plus the stains were gone. No need to freak out about something so trivial. Just be thrilled you are healthy.


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