Playing Music Tonight in An Air Conditioned Club

I am going to play tunes with Danny, our guitar man in a club with nice freezing air conditioner.

All of us normally love to play in the streets by the beach, however the weather has been so overheated and humid that it isn’t so fun playing out there right now. This club has a enjoyable temperature control system and the two of us get paid well so the two of us are going to start playing there a couple times a month for fun. All of us are going to record our sets and use the recordings to get into other clubs. I guess the two of us have a fine and unique sound that people like. I still have to do our afternoon task working for the local business however I can split down our hours a bit because of the currency coming in from playing in clubs. All of us also make a little currency playing in the streets and love to do it because it is fine practice for us. I would love to get a new Heating and Air Conditioning system a single afternoon and it would be enjoyable if our singing and drumming could help spend our money for it. I just need to practice the drum so that I can be more comfortable singing while drumming, it just has proven to be difficult for myself and others to master however I will a single afternoon. I will use some of the currency I make working for the Heating and Air Conditioning business to buy some new sound device so that the two of us can expand on our music and make them even more trippy. All of us are going for a merge of sounds between Pink Floyd and The Doors.

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