The Heart of the Summer and Energy Saving Tips

I’m looking online for some energy saving tips to help try and save some money this summer on my cooling costs.

My rent just went up some so I am trying to cut back on other costs and power is a good one because it’s been pretty high lately with the hot weather.

I think I can find some ways online to save money with air conditioning and heating so I will do it later when I have a little time. Right now I am working on a few things with our musical recordings, trying to get them uploaded onto our website so that we can use them for promo to get into some clubs to do shows. A lot of the local businesses here in my town are closed or can’t do music because of the noise so we usually play on the streets. But I want to get into some clubs in the big city near us to see how people respond to it. I think my friend who owns an HVAC company in that city has some connections and can get us into some places. I just need to keep playing and practicing and everything will fall into place as it always seems to do. I do some HVAC system servicing and maintenance on the side for money but a lot of my time is spent playing music on the streets for money, which seems to be paying the bills so far. I will keep doing the HVAC equipment job until the music career takes off one day.

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