They told myself and others I had to clean the locker rooms.

I had gone to university and got it degree in nutrition.

  • I had also taken classes on how to be a personal trainer.

When I get out of university, I was told that the local gym was planning on hiring a nutritionist at a personal trainer, and I wanted a single of those jobs. I went to the director who operated the gym and told him I had heard about their hiring plans. She asked for my credentials and I told him ‌I have a degree in nutrition and I was a certified personal trainer. I had all the information with myself and others and I handed it to him. Two afternoons later, she called myself and others in for an interview. I walked into the gym, thinking I was going to have the job of my dreams. I would toil with people who absolutely needed my services and not just wanted to look pretty when well into their seasoned age. Three afternoons after my interview, I was to come into the gym for orientation. Not once was I told where my office was going to be so I could do my nutritional services. I wasn’t told how much I could charge, or if they charged extra for myself and others to be a personal trainer. The only thing they showed myself and others was where the mops and brooms were for the locker rooms. They told myself and others that until they had everything established; they wanted myself and others to clean the locker rooms and make sure I sanitized the showers and saunas after every use. I had become nothing more than a janitor until they decided it was time to put in an office for nutritional counseling, and let myself and others do the job of a personal trainer.


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