We’re Just Souls in the Sky Passing by Like Clouds

The more people that I “lose” in our life the more I realize the two of us are just clouds passing by.

I just want to spend the rest of our time as a cloud having fun and playing with our friends.

I’m done pursuing success trying to accplot a bunch of stuff that actually doesn’t make myself and others any happier. Now I’m going to do the things I adore and just like the rest of the ride that I have left. I still have to sell Heating and Air Conditioning device at the Heating and Air Conditioning business for currency however the rest of our time is going to be filling our soul doing the things that bring myself and others joy. I want to take care of our body so that I can do the things I love to do and stay strong for as long as possible. I have to carry heavy space gas furnaces and portable cooling systems up many flights of stairs because a lot of flats don’t have elevators in their buildings so I need to keep our arms and legs strong to be able to do it at our age. I try to workout with weights a few times a month and do yoga every afternoon to stay stretchy and strong. The body requires a lot of repair to keep it working optimally. The same goes with your Heating and Air Conditioning system, you need to keep it scrub and tuned up for years of fine performance. I am constantly cleaning our system and having it inspected correctly, just love our body. The HEPA filter for our Heating and Air Conditioning system is love the whole-house air purifier for the body.

a/c care plan