Wrong settings on the cooling component almost ruined my son's cake

My daughter wanted to bake a birthday cake for her dad, and she has always enjoyed everything to do with confectionaries.

I knew that her baking skills would be sufficient to make a very nice cake for my husband. However, we ran into a problem concerning the cake. The dilemma occurred when she iced the cake, and we could not fit in the fridge. She decided to leave the cake in the dining room and set the thermostat low. Our ductless HVAC system is a zoned system, so it is possible to adjust only a single room. Anyway, we were in a rush to leave home for a delivery, so my daughter increased instead of decreased the temperature. We were only gone for an hour during the delivery, since it was not too far. When we returned, and my daughter saw the cake, she almost cried. The frosting did not look right at all. I promise we could fix it though. My daughter still recommended that we call the air conditioner business and get a cooling specialist to improve the air conditioner unit because she thought it was faulty. I humored my daughter and took a look at the HVAC unit, but saw that there was nothing wrong. The incident served as a reminder that we were due for an air conditioner tune-up. I made an appointment for an HVAC technician to come next week. Regularly scheduled HVAC maintenance visits truly will help your system last as long as possible.

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