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An air conditioner appointment with a pastor

I had just finished installing a smart thermostat in a nearby home which was all I was to do this Saturday. I had the rest of the afternoon off to celebrate my daughter’s birthday and catch up on family time. She is the latest addition to our family. We love to dote on her. On […]

A rodent in the air conditioner system

I was cleaning the flour from my hands when I noticed Kim. She was helping me close down our bakery, as I had just completed my orders for the day. Kim is my best friend, but we are quite different. Kim would not understand what to do with an oven, even with a basic recipe. […]

No hope for the old heat pump

Recently I noticed that my kids’ allergies were acting up, and I suspected that it was because of the new home we had just moved into. The air quality within our new home was not the best. I clearly needed to have some renovations done on the house. For one, I would come to find […]

Decluttering for a up-to-date heat pump

I tend to accumulate a lot of clutter in my house as the days go on. As a result, just about every year, I have a garage sale to clear out things that I don’t need anymore. Getting extra cash from these sales is always nice, and this year I had my eyes on a […]