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I Am Totally Rinsed From too Much Painting

I’ve been working on these systems for a long time as my dad was in the field and taught me a lot about working on them. I spent the past three weeks painting the outside of a house and it really wiped me out. My body isn’t used to that kind of work anymore and […]

The Hot Weather is Now Here to Stay

We just turned the corner with the weather and it looks like today is going to be one of the hotter days over the next couple of weeks. I think the temperature went up about 10 degrees in the past week and I noticed our climate control system is running a lot more to keep […]

Buying a Radiant Heater for Our Garage

I like to work on cars during the winter because it gets dark early and when I get home from work there is not much to do around here except go to bars. So keeping busy working on cars keeps me out of the bars and out of trouble. The only problem I have is […]

Going to Stay in the USA for an Extra Month

I just want to rest today and take in all of the painting work I’ve done on my cousin’s house and just appreciate the job I’ve done. I was planning on going back to my flat overseas in a week but this vacation has gone by too fast so I am going to treat myself […]

Tuesday Morning and The House is Finished

I have a free day today to do whatever I want, which is a nice feeling considering I’ve been painting each day for the last three weeks. I finally finished my cousin’s exterior paint job after three weeks and didn’t get any paint on the HVAC compressor outside, thank God. I just need to put […]

Stye is Better, Now it is HVAC Repair Time

Today I am piddling around the house working on stuff. I like days like this where I am not battling the traffic heading to the office. I actually work part time at the local business stocking the shelves with smart thermostats and such. Today though, I will be working around the house finishing up painting […]