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How do you stop smoking?

I had a friend of mine ask me how to stop smoking. I thought she was talking about her use of cigarettes. I told her she should quit slowly unless she wanted to end up going through withdrawal. She looked at me like I had three heads, and I stared right back. I felt defensive, […]

Do they have recalls on HVAC equipment?

Every time I turn around, something I own goes on a recall list. A couple months ago, I got a notification from the manufacturer of my car. They told me to take my car to the nearest dealer and take this letter with them. They had a problem with the brakes failing. Then we got […]

Their 1-800 number went nowhere.

I was looking for someone to clean my ductwork. I didn’t know who I should call, so I went into the yellow pages. I thought I should call the HVAC company, but that made no sense to me. What would the HVAC company have to do with my ductwork? I thought about ductwork like I […]

No added fillers?

Being a writer, I pick up on the minor mistakes that other people make in their writing. I know it’s silly, but I feel if people are going to do something professionally, as in an advertisement, they should make sure they have the proper wording in the ad.. For instance, I came across an advertisement […]