The HVAC expert explained why we should have an air purification system

We had the new air purification system installed and it works very well for us

Sometimes my wife will not hold back when she wants to speak her mind. She’s always brutally honest, but I think that’s something that makes me care about her so much. It was amusing the other day when we had an HVAC expert come out to the house. We had an issue with our air quality. The HVAC professional was saying it would be a good idea to install an air purification system in our home and we could use better air filters as well. I remember my wife started saying that we shouldn’t have to install an air purification system, the city should just have a massive air purification system that provides better air quality for everybody. The HVAC professional laughed saying that was a bit of an abstract concept. He said even if something like that existed, we would likely need air purification systems in our homes as well, because indoor air quality is commonly worse than outdoor air quality. Perhaps an advanced mega air purification system could help improve the outdoor air quality, but we also have to focus on the indoor air quality if we want to breathe easier and be healthy at home. This actually made sense and my wife didn’t hassle the man anymore after that. We had the new air purification system installed and it works very well for us. I did have to tell my wife though that I thought her idea of having an air purification system that provided better air quality for everybody sounded like a pretty good idea. I honestly think I never would have thought of anything like that.

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The guy who came to fix our heating equipment did excellent work

When we were having trouble with our heating system in the winter months, I decided to call a local contractor.

I actually got the number from one of their commercials I saw on the television.

I remember I took down their number when I saw their slogan was ‘We provide heating and cooling repairs for less.’ So I called these people up and had a heating expert come out. He was pretty fast to find what the issue was, but he took his time with the repair. After about 3 hours of working, he said he was finally done. It’s a good thing we had a couple of portable heaters working, otherwise the house would have been completely freezing by that time. He also brought in his own portable heater as well though to provide enough heating to the environment he was working in. He explained that while it took a little while, he wanted to make sure everything was in excellent shape before firing up the heating system. He didn’t want us to have any issues moving forward. Well, he definitely did great work because we didn’t have any trouble after that. We weren’t even charged too much money so I guess their slogan was right that they provide HVAC repairs for a lesser amount than their competition. The guy told us to make sure to give them a call if there were any more issues moving forward, but he was pretty sure we were going to be just fine. I do believe we’ll be calling that same local contractor for HVAC maintenance and repairs moving forward.



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We love the fireplaces in my beach house

I was really excited when I bought this really cool beach house.

I was young and I had been working as a banking professional for about a year. I was doing so well that I could easily afford a nice house. I always wanted to live on the beach, and I was thankful when I found this beach house for such a great deal. It has an old oil furnace system, but it hardly ever has to be used so the oil lasts a long time. Also, the beach house has a couple of fireplaces inside as well. There is a fireplace in the living room area and one in the master bedroom. That’s what really made me fall for this house to be honest, the fireplaces. If the indoor fireplaces weren’t enough, there’s also a huge firepit on the beach in the back and I have had countless parties at my house, mostly just relaxing on the beach and hanging around the fireplace. I remember somebody asking me if I was ever going to upgrade the old oil furnace. They said it would be better to convert to a gas furnace since natural gas is cheaper than oil. I said I might do that eventually, but I didn’t see much of a need because I could get by through the colder season with only my fireplace since it never gets too cold around these parts. There are a few chilly days here and there, but I could get by with the fireplace or my portable heaters to be honest.

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Our son was disappointed when he heard the HVAC expert would retire soon

We went through this new HVAC company because they were offering some pretty good promotions like 25% off on new HVAC installations.

We had a new gas furnace and cooling system installed in our home.

The new installation included free ductwork cleaning and resealing as well to ensure an energy efficient HVAC system for many years to come. Of course, they told us it would be wise to enroll into their HVAC service plan, which we enrolled in. Tony has been our HVAC professional most of the time, but sometimes Ed comes out too. Unfortunately, our son was acting rude towards him at first. Ed is an older gentleman and our son blurted out that he looked like he was ancient. We told our son not to act like that, but he pointed and said to look at him. Then when our son asked the age of the HVAC professional, the man said that he was old enough to know a good many things, especially when it came to heating and cooling systems. It was then that our son started asking questions about working on the HVAC equipment, and Ed answered all the questions and let him help out a little too, like when it came to changing the air filter. Ed suddenly became our son’s favorite person to have over to the house, we even invited him over for dinner a few times. Ed said he doesn’t come out all the time because he can’t work as much as he used to. He explained that he will be retiring soon. Our son was disappointed to hear this and asked if that meant he wouldn’t come visit anymore, but he said he would still visit so long as he was invited.


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My career was really starting to bore me

This gave me the idea that perhaps I could do well in the HVAC industry and perhaps eventually live such a lifestyle with my wife

For a long period of time, I worked as an accountant at a local law firm. I had to make sure all the accounts were in order so I spent all my time analyzing accounts, doing audits, and keeping records of financial statements. Well, after going on vacation with my wife one year and enjoying a lovely tropical paradise, I realized that I didn’t like my job at all. My wife said that if I didn’t enjoy my job, I should consider getting into something else. Something that I really loved while being there in this tropical paradise was the fact that we had a nice cooling system with a smart thermostat. It was very easy to adjust the temperature control settings with our phones. Unfortunately, we had an issue with the cooling system on the third night, but an HVAC professional arrived promptly on the scene and repaired the cooling equipment in no time. The guy was very laid back and said that he lived in this paradise and made a good living at the same time. I felt envious of the man being able to live a lifestyle like that in such a place where most people only vacationed. He said you could basically do it all when you’re in the HVAC industry. This gave me the idea that perhaps I could do well in the HVAC industry and perhaps eventually live such a lifestyle with my wife. My wife was supportive of course, she said I should take classes at an HVAC trade school to get my certification as soon as possible. I’m honestly thinking about going for it.

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It was a big mistake to work on my HVAC equipment

Before my HVAC warranty was over, I always had the HVAC workers doing the tune-ups for my HVAC equipment, because I didn’t want the warranty to become void.

Of course, I didn’t know anything about working on HVAC equipment either, so I guess you could say I always needed the HVAC professionals to take care of everything.

Unfortunately, I came up with a foolish idea to work on my own HVAC equipment after the warranty expired. I watched numerous repair videos online and learned all that I could. It seemed easy enough when it came to replacing some of the worn parts in the HVAC. I simply could order the parts I was looking for online and wait for them to be delivered to my home. Then I would open the HVAC and replace the parts and put everything back together and crank on the HVAC. Well, I did just that and my HVAC was actually working after I worked hard replacing most of the parts. I was a little worried, but my HVAC worked like a champ, at least for a little bit. Then after about two weeks, the cooling system was struggling and there was a burning smell coming from the HVAC unit. I ended up calling the HVAC experts and they said that the parts that were installed recently were incongruous with the HVAC equipment. They said the system was damaged, but could be repaired, but the system needed OEM parts from the manufacturer. So I let them repair the HVAC but it cost me a small fortune! I will never try working on my own HVAC again!



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I became certified as an HVAC expert, a plumber, and an electrician

I was pretty excited when I learned I would be working at an HVAC company that had plumbing and electrical services as well. The man who trained me was actually certified in these trades and was an HVAC expert as well. He taught me about the HVAC side and how to install numerous types of systems like dual-fuel heating systems or hydronic heating systems. I learned a lot from the man in a short period of time. Eventually, he told me that I should get my other certifications so he could train me in those areas as well. I was surprised when he said the owner of the HVAC company would pay for me to take the classes to become certified with his recommendation. So before I knew it, I was taking classes to be an electrician and also a plumber. It’s not something that I ever planned on, but I learned a lot and the knowledge had remained with me. Let me just say that my trainer was above and beyond. This man in my opinion should be the most respected in the company and I hope he continues to work with us for a long while. The thing is, he’s getting up there in his years and while I might dream of him working here forever, I know that eventually he’s going to retire and it will likely be sooner than later. He told me that with all the knowledge I acquired, I should be the top trainer in no time. I guess he was looking for a replacement.


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I thought I would collapse from heat exhaustion when my cooling system broke down

He also said that I could be using better air filters as well, but I definitely was changing the air filters which was good.

When my cooling system died on me for the first time in my apartment, I just about lost my mind. I ended up calling the landlord to have him repair the cooling system. He said that technically, he wasn’t responsible for taking care of the cooling equipment, he only had to make sure the heating equipment was in good shape. He said he could have his handyman come out, but he recommended just calling a cooling technician. He said he had the number for a local contractor if I was interested. I took down the number and had the cooling contractor come out for a hopefully speedy repair. The cooling contractor actually did good work repairing the AC system. He said the main issue was that the cooling system was not serviced. He also said that I could be using better air filters as well, but I definitely was changing the air filters which was good. I honestly didn’t know much about getting regular service for a cooling system, but I learned a lot from that cooling technician. I was really happy when the cooling system was working again in my apartment and I gave the guy a good tip for his services. I’ve been living in this apartment for many years now and I have been using the same local contractor for my cooling system maintenance, but of course, the landlord sends his own guy to take care of the heating system tune-up regularly. One of these days though, I’m going to move out of this dump and buy a house of my own with a nice HVAC system.
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Everything turned out to be okay after the HVAC expert came to help

It only took him like 5 minutes to do the job and then he even stayed around for a bit to roast some marshmallows and eat some s’mores before leaving.

I felt so terrible when I realized that I took my family to a cabin where the HVAC system wasn’t working. I didn’t know what was wrong with the oil furnace, but I did call the cabin rental company to complain. They said they would see what they could do for us and I was panicking. In the meantime, we got a fire going in the fireplace. Soon, I was called back from the rental company with good news. They had an HVAC expert in the area who was able to come to our cabin within the hour. This was good news indeed and we all just relaxed in front of that fireplace to keep warm. The youngsters even roasted marshmallows and made s’mores. Those were pretty good, but I could only eat one. The HVAC expert who arrived definitely knew what he was doing because he found the issue in no time. He said that it was the old pilot light that needed a good cleaning so that it could stay lit. It only took him like 5 minutes to do the job and then he even stayed around for a bit to roast some marshmallows and eat some s’mores before leaving. We offered to let him stay for dinner, but he said he had a prior engagement. The rest of our vacation in the cabin was amazing. It even snowed on the third day, and the kids had fun building a snow fort and having a huge snowball fight. My wife and I even got in on the action for a little bit, but then we all had some hot cocoa in front of the fireplace to warm up again.

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I wanted a cooling system that could push the AC to the maximum

When looking into getting a new cooling system for my home, I honestly wanted a system that was going to push the cooling to the max.

I wanted to have the whole household cooled in a matter of no time.

So I had a consultation with an HVAC expert. This guy seemed almost as young as I was, but he was an expert when it came to heating and cooling systems. He said if it were him, he would go for a high velocity cooling system. It sounded cool when he first said the name and he explained that I would have to install new ductwork that is more narrow and specialized for this type of cooling system. He said I could have high velocity heating in my home too. The home would be heated or cooled within minutes, could be up to 15 minutes if the house is way too overheated or chilly. This is exactly what I wanted. I already had a boiler system in my house and I wondered if I should get rid of that. The HVAC expert said I should keep the boiler to use as a backup heating system if I ever had issues with my HVAC equipment down the road. So I went for the high velocity HVAC system that has a combination of both a gas heating system and a powerful cooling system. So far, I have really been enjoying the cooling system from the start of the summer. I tested it a number of times and showed my buddies and family members, and everybody is impressed with the cooling equipment. I can’t wait to test the heating system in the winter months.
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