Rainy Days are Good for Reflection and Writing

It looks like we are in for a long rainy summer day.

I am supposed to play music on the streets later but it looks like we may be rained out.

I think I will invite Danny the guitarist to come by for dinner and just hang out and talk music. Maybe we can play some music in my flat instead of on the streets. We have nice air conditioning here when out in the streets it can get quite hot and humid, so a day of playing music in the flat doesn’t seem so bad. I’ll have to work early in the morning for the local contractor so it will be good for me to get to bed early so I can get a good night of sleep for a change. We usually play pretty late when we play in the streets and I don’t get to bed till after midnight. And then I have to wake up at 6am to walk my dog before going to work at the HVAC company at 8am. I work there usually till 8pm and am pretty tired when I get home so I don’t play music on the streets on workdays. I am going to write some song lyrics and try them out next time we play outside. I usually come up with some pretty trippy lyrics that work for our type of playing style and may even incorporate some HVAC technology into my songs to make them funny and informative about the HVAC industry, why not. Maybe I’ll come up with a commercial HVAC jingle.


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Raining Out and Trips to the Local Business for Food

I find the best time to go shopping is during the rain.

The stores are empty and all you need is an umbrella and you can shop efficiently without the hassles of waiting in lines to checkout.

I like to go in the early afternoon too because all of the early bird morning shoppers are done and the working people are still at work. Just after 3pm seems to be the slowest time of the day in these stores. I needed a new HEPA filter and went to the HVAC business when it was stormy and rainy out and there wasn’t a sole in the place except for the HVAC clerk. I was able to talk with him about my problems without being rushed and he was able to help me pick out a HEPA filter which fit my system. So right now it is raining again and I am off to the store to buy some crisp apples and a loaf of spelt bread for my grilled cheese sandwiches. I will come back and tell you some more about my HVAC system and what I need to do to it. Okay, I just got back from shopping and it was a breeze. My HVAC system, yeah well, it seems like it has been running poorly and I think I need to get someone to help me diagnose the issue. It just doesn’t seem to be cooling down my flat like it did and I want to fix it before it totally stops working. I am starting with a new HEPA filter first.

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Ready to go Big Time With Our Sounds

I like to write about HVAC equipment so for me it doesn’t even feel like work but it helps them out a lot and they pay me for it.

When I say big time I mean to get our music online finally. We’ve been playing together for just a few months but we have a good chemistry together and make some pretty interesting songs. We just make things up in the moment and come up with some good original sounds that I would like to put online just to have it there. I don’t care how many listeners we get or how many followers we have, I just want a way to save it so that we have them when we want to listen to them. My HVAC company I work for needs followers so I am always posting content for them online and trying to help them get a web presence. They have been open as a local business for just a few months and are trying to get established but need some help in doing so. I like to write about HVAC equipment so for me it doesn’t even feel like work but it helps them out a lot and they pay me for it. I work in the HVAC business a few hours a day, helping with HVAC system orders and setting up appointments online for people to have their HVAC systems serviced by one of our technicians. As for my music, well I need to keep recording and grab the magic when I can so that I can make it into a packaged song to put out there to the world. It’s just fun making songs. Maybe I can make a song about space heaters and air handlers, who knows?
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Playing Music Tonight in An Air Conditioned Club

I am going to play music with Danny, my guitar man in a club with nice cold air conditioning. We normally like to play in the streets by the beach, but the weather has been so hot and humid that it isn’t so fun playing out there right now. This club has a great climate control system and we get paid well so we are going to start playing there a couple times a week for fun. We are going to record our sets and use the recordings to get into other clubs. I think we have a good and unique sound that people like. I still have to do my day job working for the local contractor but I can cut down my hours a bit because of the money coming in from playing in clubs. We also make a little money playing in the streets and like to do it because it is good practice for us. I would like to get a new HVAC system one day and it would be great if my singing and drumming could help pay for it. I just need to practice the drum so that I can be more comfortable singing while drumming, it just has proven to be tough for me to master but I will one day. I will use some of the money I make working for the HVAC contractor to buy some new sound equipment so that we can expand on our songs and make them even more trippy. We are going for a merge of sounds between Pink Floyd and The Doors.


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Cloudy Rainy Day on the Spanish Coast

I also need to go to the local business to buy some cat food and cat litter and then I will go to the beach if the rain stops

The beaches are dead today because of the rain. I like it when we have days like this because it allows me to rest and not feel like I am missing out on the action at the beach. There is always a volleyball net going up each day it seems, teasing me to come out and play when I should be working at home. So today is nice because I feel like I can get my work done and not miss out on anything. I have to buy a new space heater online today because winter is coming and my central HVAC system is not working anymore. I had an HVAC tech come out last year to look at it but he said it is too far gone to repair and that it would cost more to do so than to buy a new one. That is not exactly what I wanted to hear but I will just find a solution myself. I think buying a portable heater will set me up for the winter till I can save money for a new HVAC system, which will hopefully be coming next summer if all goes well. Today I am going to buy a birthday card for my mom and mail her one as this will be the first ever time doing so. I also need to go to the local business to buy some cat food and cat litter and then I will go to the beach if the rain stops. If it doesn’t stop then I’ll probably just clean my HEPA filter and call it a day.



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Happy to Have a Working Climate Control System and Good Health

I’m 55 years old now and am very grateful to be healthy.

I know that health can be taken away in a heartbeat and your life can take on a darkness that stays with you all of the time.

I am happy to have health and the lighthearted feeling I have and try to take care of my body to the best of my abilities. I think my worst vice is that I drink beer each day, only one or two though, but I seem to not be able to step away from it each day. My HVAC system runs great and keeps me comfortable and sleeping well each night which is also great for my health. I try to eat a lot of fruit and vegetables each day and I was a juicer for ten years up until last year when I switched to smoothies. I keep my HVAC system clean by having it serviced regularly and do the same with my body by eating well and getting a checkup every year. My dad never went to the doctor for checkups and ended up dying young because he caught his disease too late. He worked so hard in the HVAC industry but wasn’t able to enjoy all of the fruits of his labor because of his fear of going to the doctor. You have to face your fears or they end up destroying you in the end, one way or another. I will face my fear of work now and go head to the local business for a day of work.

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My Kittens are Passed out Under the Sofa

I slept well last night, finally, after several nights of tossing and turning over finances.

I’ve finally let go of it all and turned it over to the universe to work out.

Everything seems to work out better when you don’t overthink it and just release and let go. The Buddhists taught me to let go of everything that comes into our life, good or bad, because it all just passes on by. My kittens don’t worry about anything yet everything works out just fine in their lives. All animals live this way, just letting nature handle all the details. HVAC equipment breaks down, bikes get stolen, and people die but we have to handle them with grace and then move on. There are too many variables in life to try and control all of them so it is better to just let things happen how they happen and accept them without trying to run the whole show. I have a lot of problems that come up when working at the HVAC company but I just solve them and move on without letting them get to me. I guess life is a learning process if you are living truthfully and you end up with more wisdom in the end if you can see the big picture. The other day I had a customer freaking out because the air conditioning’s air handler pan was leaking and causing stains on the ceiling. It was a simple fix and within a couple of hours the leak was fixed and the stains were gone. No need to freak out about something so trivial. Just be happy you are healthy.



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What’s wrong with the ancient sofa?

Last week, I was showing our husband some magazines that I got in the mail, but they were advertising their modern line of sofas, and they were 50% off for 2 weeks only, then i enjoyed the design of the ‌sofas, and they looked comfortable. I asked our husband if he would take me to the furniture store over the weekend, so every one of us could rest on a couple of them and get some ideas for the future… He sort of nodded and went back to what he was toiling on. I said nothing more to him, but I went back upstairs and started toiling on our laundry! About 2 hours later, he came up and said that he needed some sustenance. He was rubbing his belly, which I knew meant he wanted dinner, both of us no sooner sat down at the dinner table, when he turned and looked at me sharply. He asked me what is wrong with the ancient sofa? He never sat on the sofa, so he did not understand that there were lumps all over, then over the years, the teenagers jumped on the sofa, thrown each other onto the sofa when wrestling, and broken some Springtimes, since he always napped in his recliner, the sofa was the furthest thing from his mind. I told him to rest on it and try laying down so he could think what I was talking about, but he refused. He said he would take our word for it, and to let him think when I wanted to go shopping this weekend. He was halfway down the steps when he yelled up to ask if he should take his debit card, or if there was enough money in the bank for the modern sofa?



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It’s great to have a buddy who is a plumber

I hate washing dishes, especially after I just prepared a huge meal; So, I use our dishwasher a lot because it’s less of a hassle, however it only takes a few minutes to load the dirty dishes, insert the dishwasher pods, and flip the button to turn on the machine, then next to our stove it’s 1 of the most used machines in our study room. So, you can only imagine how devastated I was when our dishwasher broke, and one night, I loaded up the dishes and was ready to start the machine, but when I pushed the button, nothing happened… At first, I didn’t suppose what was happening, so I opened it to check to see if anything was stuck inside. Nothing looked out of place. Well, I needed to call someone to repair the machine. Initially, I thought I would call a handyman, but after that I discovered that a plumber can also fix a dishwasher… Fortunately for me, our neighbor’s partner Jim is a plumber, but he has fixed leaky pipes in our house before and when our toilet needed a up-to-date flap, he helped myself and others to install that. He has also installed up-to-date fixtures in our study room and powder room, but therefore, Jim is who I call with all our plumbing needs. The next day, I contacted Jim who came over to try to repair the unit, unluckyly, he could not, so I had to purchase a up-to-date dishwasher, jim was able to get myself and others a discount on a up-to-date machine and had it installed 2 afternoons later. It’s great to have a plumber residing next door to me, but plus, he provided myself and others the family discount hourly rate.

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Missing Mom as She Turns 71 This Month

I never send our mom a birthday card however call her every year.

Well, this year I am going to send her a card and actually surprise her as this is a pretty big milestone in age for her.

71 years is a long time to be alive and I don’t guess how many more she will have so I want to send her a card and let her guess I am thinking about her and that I miss her so.I’m not sure how long a card takes to arrive from overseas however the local company that sells them may know. They also sell books there and have a fine temperature control system so that you can study through the books in comfort. I love that they have a few soft armchairs too so you can study different books and relax just love you were at home. I would love to get a book on Heating and Air Conditioning repair and repair as I am trying to get a task working for the local business and would love to brush up on our knowledge in the Heating and Air Conditioning industry. I worked in the field long ago however it has been a long time and I guess that the technology has changed quite a bit since I was last working in it. I guess they sell Heating and Air Conditioning books online however would adore to find a single at the local company that sells cards and books so that I can support the little men in our town. I try to buy locally whenever I possibly can.

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